Payment is due by: 25th September, 2017

There is a school participation fee of 100 euros which includes up to two advisers.  This fee is due by the 16th of June 2017. Any schools which miss the registration deadline will incur an additional late fee of 20 euros. No countries will be allocated prior to confirmation of received payment. Individual participation cost is 50 euros per delegate/judge/advocate and 25 euros per student officer/press. Should any changes regarding delegates or officers be requested after 15th September (eg switch of delegates, change of name spelling), there will be an additional late change fee of 5 euros per person.

In case of cancellation, the school delegation fee can be refunded provided the cancellation is made prior to 15th September. There will be no refund of individual delegates who cannot attend.

A delegate is a student representing an assigned country in one of the various committees. Judges and advocates are considered delegates.

A student officer is also known as a chair. They have been interviewed and are then appointed to head various committees.

Up to two advisers are granted free entrance. Beyond this, each adviser will pay 50 euros. Payments can be made as a school by depositing the total sum into the following account at Alpha Bank:


IBAN NO. : GR43 0140 1100 1100 0200 2002 779


Please remember to indicate the name of the school when you make your deposit. A receipt will be issued and available upon registration on the first day of the conference. Individual receipts will not be issued.

Buses can be arranged for schools from abroad at extra cost.

If you have any further queries feel free to contact Ms Christofidou in accounts.