Student Officers 2022


Disarmament and International Security Committee (GA1):

CHAIR: Fani Kantzavelos (HAEF Athens College)

CO-CHAIR: Modesti Eleni Markou (HAEF Athens College)

CO-CHAIR: John Glarentzos (Platon School)


Social, Cultural and Humanitarian Committee (GA3):

CHAIR:  Baran Mohammadi (Byron School)

CO-CHAIR:  Aspasia Nona (Platon School)

CO-CHAIR: Dimitris Kotsovilis (HAEF Athens College)


Special Political and Decolonization Committee (GA4):

CHAIR: Georgia Papaioannou (HAEF Athens College)

CO-CHAIR: Nikolas Langen (HAEF Athens College)

CO-CHAIR: Medha Nagpal (International School of Athens)


Legal Committee (GA6):

CHAIR: Selina Karatza (Costeas-Geitonas School)

CO-CHAIR:  Patrick Yao (Campion School)


Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC):

PRESIDENT: Evangelia Giannopoulou (Pierce – The American College of Greece)

DEPUTY-PRESIDENT: Maria Kapodistria (Platon School )

DEPUTY-PRESIDENT: Emmanouil Kalathakis (Pierce – The American College of Greece)


Special Conference on Ethical Dilemmas and Responsibilities (SPECON):

PRESIDENT: Ioanna Maria Varotsi (Pierce- The American College of Greece)

DEPUTY-PRESIDENT: Alexia Alifragki (Ekpedeftiki Anagennisi)

DEPUTY-PRESIDENT: Marilia Giannakaki (Pierce-The American College of Greece)


Environmental Commission (EC):

PRESIDENT: Vassiliki Kalogeropoulou (Pierce-The American College of Greece)

DEPUTY-PRESIDENT: Evelina Bakopoulos (Geitonas School)

DEPUTY-PRESIDENT: Aikaterini Livianou (Pierce-The American College of Greece)


Security Council (SC):

PRESIDENT: John Ioannou (Ekpedeftiki Anagennisi)

DEPUTY-PRESIDENT: Alexia Papageorgiou (HAEF Athens College)

DEPUTY-PRESIDENT: Nickolas Pachis (Platon School)


World Health Organization (WHO):

PRESIDENT: Iliana Brosnan (Campion School)

DEPUTY-PRESIDENT: Schichang Zhang (Costeas Geitonas School)

DEPUTY-PRESIDENT: Stavroula Sargenti (Ionios School)


Session on the United Nations Charter (SUNC)

PRESIDENT: Melina Alexiou (Deutsche Schule Athen (DSA)

PRESIDENT: George Bakalis (Arsakeio Lyceum)

DEPUTY-PRESIDENT: Angeliki Dapsi (HAEF-Athens College)

DEPUTY-PRESIDENT: Panagiotis Bouloutas (Pierce-The American College of Greece)


International Court of Justice (ICJ):

PRESIDENT: Dionyssis Priftis (Ekpedeftiki Anagennisi)

DEPUTY-PRESIDENT: Fragkiskos Emmanouil Kefalogiannis (HAEF-Athens College)

REGISTRAR: Nikolitsa Georgakopoulou (Platon School)


Youth Assembly (YA)

CHAIR: Maya Mathiou-Rose (International School of Athens)

CHAIR: Christina Palamidi (Byron College)

CO- CHAIR: Judy Chang (Campion School)

CO- CHAIR: Hisham Ayache (Campion School)