CSMUN 2021 Agenda

We are pleased to present you with the agenda of the 9th CSMUN Conference. This year’s theme is “Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions“. We chose this theme due to its immense global importance considering its also a UN Sustainable Development Goal (Goal 16). Click the links to find more.

General Assembly Committees:

Disarmament and International Security Committee (GA 1)

  1. Preventing online radicalization
  2. Assessing the use of surveillance as a means of maintaining international and national security

Social, Cultural and Humanitarian Committee (GA 3)

  1.  The question of legal aid in promoting access to justice
  2. Combating the rise of domestic abuse during the COVID-19 pandemic

Special Political and Decolonization Committee (GA 4)

  1. Reducing instability and conflict in the Tigray region
  2. Reconsidering the sovereignty of Western Sahara

Legal Committee (GA 6)

  1. Reforming the criminal justice system to improve rehabilitation and develop alternatives to imprisonment
  2. Reconsidering the limitations to immunities of political leaders and diplomats

Specialized Committees:

Security Council (SC)

  1. Addressing transnational organized crime to combat terrorist groups
  2. The situation in Myanmar

Special Conference (SPECON)

  1. The impact of police brutality on promoting peace
  2. The issue of human trafficking for the purpose of organ harvesting 

Environmental Commission (EC)

  1. Addressing overfishing to safeguard fishing stocks and promote sustainability 
  2. Measures to prevent the depletion of water sources
  3. Assessing the sustainability of the palm oil industry  

Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

  1. The issue of equitable vaccine distribution among member states
  2. The question of a K-shaped recovery following the COVID-19 pandemic

World Health Organization (WHO)

  1. Implementing universal health coverage for mental health treatment
  2. The question of women’s right to abortion

International Court of Justice (ICJ)

  •  Immunities and Criminal Proceedings (Equatorial Guinea v. France)

Forensics Junior Group Discussion (FJGD)

  1. Measures to prevent the depletion of water sources
  2. Addressing corruption in the public sector