Disarmament and International Security Committee (GA1):

CHAIR: Fillipos Kaloudis (Doukas School)

CO-CHAIR: Jeffrey Shao (Campion School)

CO-CHAIR: Jo Anagnostopoulou (Ekpedeftiki Anagennisi)


 Economic and Financial Committee (GA2):

CHAIR: Patrick Yao (Campion School)

CO-CHAIR: Panagiotis Bouloutas (Pierce – The American College of Greece)

CO-CHAIR: Kristi Efstathiou (Ekpedeftiki Anagennisi)


Social, Cultural and Humanitarian Committee (GA3):

CHAIR:  Christina Palamidi (Byron College)

CO-CHAIR: Rita Ioannidi (Athens College – HAEF)

CO-CHAIR: Christina Maris  (Campion School)


Special Political and Decolonization Committee (GA4):

CHAIR: Konstantinos Zafeirakis (St Lawrence College)

CO-CHAIR: Vlad Nedelcu (International British School of Bucharest)

CO-CHAIR: Penelope Farmakidi (St Lawrence College)


Legal Committee (GA6):

CHAIR: Christianna Giouchas (Deutsche Schule Athen – DSA)

CO-CHAIR: Kai Yuet Zhang (American Community School – ACS)

CO-CHAIR: Kimberly Wang (St Lawrence College)



Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC):

PRESIDENT: Foteini Gnadelli (Pierce – The American College of Greece)

DEPUTY-PRESIDENT: Vivian Lialiou (Campion School)

DEPUTY-PRESIDENT: Ioli Kostika (Athens College – HAEF)

DEPUTY-PRESIDENT: Hao Jin (Campion School)


Special Conference on the World’s Youth (SPECON):

PRESIDENT: Stavroula Sargenti (Ionios School)

DEPUTY-PRESIDENT: Anastasia Kouri (Platon School)

DEPUTY-PRESIDENT: Faidra Valetta (Athens College – HAEF)

DEPUTY-PRESIDENT: Jack Sellwood Costy (Campion School)


Environmental Commission (EC):

PRESIDENT: Sonia Marta (International British School of Bucharest)

DEPUTY-PRESIDENT: Illeana Geroulanou (St Catherine’s British School)

DEPUTY-PRESIDENT: Judy Chang (Campion School)

 DEPUTY-PRESIDENT: Theodora Georgantzis (Ekpedeftiki Anagennisi)


Security Council (SC):

PRESIDENT: Alexia Alifragki (Ekpedeftiki Anagennisi)

DEPUTY-PRESIDENT: Andreas Michas (Byron College)

DEPUTY-PRESIDENT: Jim Pachis (Platon School)


World Health Organization (WHO):

PRESIDENT: Marios Pasoglou (Pierce-The American College of Greece)

DEPUTY-PRESIDENT: Alex Panaretos (International School of Athens)

DEPUTY-PRESIDENT: Miral Antar (Campion School)

DEPUTY-PRESIDENT: George Platt (International British School of Bucharest)


Human Rights Council (HRC)

PRESIDENT: Hisham Ayache (Campion School)

DEPUTY-PRESIDENT: Kathleen Morris (American Community School – ACS)

DEPUTY-PRESIDENT: Emmanuella Sykianaki (Deutsche Schule Athen – DSA)

DEPUTY-PRESIDENT: Olivia Manu Corvinus (St Catherine’s British School)


International Court of Justice (ICJ):

PRESIDENT: Alexia Papageorgiou (Athens College – HAEF)

DEPUTY-PRESIDENT: Frosyna Loverdou (Ekpedeftiki Anagennisi)

REGISTRAR: Christos Arvanitis (Deutsche Schule Athen – DSA)


International Criminal Court (ICC):

PRESIDENT: Spiros Chronis (Deutsche Schule Athen – DSA)

DEPUTY-PRESIDENT: Lukas Voight-Vizanos (Deutsche Schule Thessaloniki – DST)

REGISTRAR: Katerina Tsamani (St Catherine’s British School)


Youth Assembly (YA)


CHAIR: Giannos Malavazos (Campion School)

CO-CHAIR: Christina Charitaki (George Zois School)

CO-CHAIR: Mariza Michalaki (Athens College – HAEF)


CHAIR: Dionysios Stathopoulos (Leonteios School of Athens)

CO-CHAIR: Yannis Sakellariou (Campion School)

CO-CHAIR: Faye Fragaki (Deutsche Schule Athen – DSA)