Q:         How do I write a resolution, and how should It look like?

A:         We have attached a website that will explain and help you write a resolution; you should also look at the study guides on our study guide page.



Q:         What do ambassadors have to do, and what should an ambassadors speech include?

A:         Ambassadors must deliver a one-minute speech at the opening ceremony, and then join their respective committee for debate. The speech should include his/her country’s political stance on a number of issues of concern.



Q          Is there a dress code?

A:         Yes. Delegates must be in formal attire, appropriate for a United Nations conference. Boys should be dressed in a suit, and girls have a variation of options (see the link below)


Q:         How can I join the Press or become a student officer?

A:         You must fill in the application form, available under: About the conference.


Q:         Will I be able to access computers, and/or print at the conference?

A:         Yes, but you may bring a laptop. Printing will be done through the admin staff. You should come with 8- 10 copies of your resolution for lobbying.


Q:         Will there be food at the conference? And do I have to pay for it?

A:         The delegation fee covers your lunch and a snack on both days, but the school cafeteria will be also be open for those who wish to purchase something.


Q:         What are the restrictions on plagiarism?

A:         It is prohibited except when referring to statutes, citing previous resolutions (with the reference indicated), or when citing protocols. Such citations must be referenced.


Q:         What if I cannot come to the conference on one of the days?

A:         Should such a problem arise at the last minute, you should have your adviser contact one of the organizers.

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