Junior Group Discussion

CHAIR: To be announced

CO- CHAIR: To be announced

CO- CHAIR: To be announced

CO- CHAIR: To be announced

CO- CHAIR: To be announced

Campion MUN 2020 Topics:

TOPIC 1: To be announced

TOPIC 2: To be announced

In your group you will be given an envelope which will have the task inside. You will have 5 minutes to read it and make some quick notes.

When the time is up, someone should volunteer to read the task aloud and then the group will decide on the best way to use the remaining time (40 mins) to complete the task. This might mean dividing up different tasks, allowing each person to put forward ideas, getting someone to summarise points or organising a structure to the discussion.

You can represent your country and bring in statistics and information which you have researched, but don’t bore everyone to death with numbers! Keep it relevant

Everyone should be encouraged to contribute to the discussion.

This is not a debate! You are all on the same side but you can disagree politely and effectively by saying , ‘ That’s a good idea but what about thinking of…”  or words to that effect.

Please interrupt politely and notice others who may be trying to speak. People who dominate the group too much may be penalized.

A sense of good humour is essential; it breaks the ice and makes everyone feel comfortable in the discussion.

The ‘observer’ in the room may be a teacher who can help with questions about the procedure. There will also be someone timing so the discussion doesn’t overrun.

There may be an award for the ‘best’ participant overall!

Good Luck.