Historical Crisis

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Historical Crisis

 President: – Panagiotis Themelis (Anavryta)

Deputy President: – Kassiani Beleri (Anavryta)

Deputy President: – Andrian Nugroho (Campion)

The Historical Crisis Committee is a continuous crisis committee, making it quite different from the normal MUN committee. Delegates’ decisions and actions will immediately affect the perpetual crisis at hand, and the plots and predicaments that delegates will be asked to deal with are only partially revealed prior to the conference, making for an unpredictable, volatile, and urgent, but undoubtedly exciting, experience. Delegates interested in the HCC will thus need to be prepared to partake in intensive and urgent debate while still possessing a fine-tuned handle on diplomatic conduct. Detailed research and preparation prior to the conference will be important, but wits and the ability to think on one’s feet will also be essential.

Campion MUN 2017 Topics:

Topic 1: War Crimes trials at the end of WW2 (Germany and Japan)